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The Perforating Press
Volume 1
Quality Perforating, Inc.
Issue 2

University of KentuckyQPI's Value Proposal -
Perforating and So Much More

QPI is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of perforated products, with industry leading technology and unmatched range of capabilities; but did you know QPI
can also provide you an array of additional services to add value to your perforated products? When you consider the cost, lead time, and additional inventory required to perform secondary operation in house, it may be more economical to have QPI perform these operations and deliver semi-finished perforated materials ready for assembly. In coming issues we will expand on our capabilities in the following areas:

  • Mounting hole and product attachment engineering - making parts ready for installation
  • Laser cutting part outlines to provide notches, cutouts, and bend allowances - QPI's lasers are engineered specifically for cutting perforated material
  • Degreasing and lubricant removal to provide "weld ready" product
  • Deburring services to assure burr free parts
  • Forming, rolling to radius, and assembly welding
  • Powder coating, anodizing, and specialized finishes
  • Inventory management programs - QPI can help reduce your lead time and assure product availability
Quality Perforating, Inc.
166 Dundaff Street | Carbondale, PA 18407


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