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The Perforating Press
Volume 2
Quality Perforating, Inc.
Issue 3

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory
Attention Purchasing, Material and
Inventory Managers.

Are you experiencing difficulty receiving your consumable perforated parts on time to meet the changing demands of your customers? Quality Perforating can help you. Our Vendor Managed Inventory program (VMI) has proven to be a very effective asset for several of our customers and you should consider being added to this happy family.
Vendor Managed Inventory

  If you know how many parts you will require over
  a certain period of time then why not insulate
  yourself to have parts available when your
  customer's demand spikes. Instead of waiting
  3 or 4 weeks, your parts can be on their way in
  one day. A VMI program will also save you set
  up costs and protect you when raw material
  pricing escalates.

Whether you require stock size perforated sheets, sheared to size, or finished parts that are formed, rolled, bolt holed or powder coated,a personalized VMI can be the difference between customer satisfaction or customer loss. Vendor Managed Inventory

Why take that chance? Call QPI today and inquire about a personalized VMI. We promise you and your customer will be happy that you did.
Quality Perforating, Inc.
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